Searching for relatives of Belgium Refugees in Cheshire

By Alan Lowe

I am searching for relatives of  Henri Joseph Borghys and Frans Buyssens.

To date, the search for family members still alive has been fruitless though I have found several family members of Henri Joseph Borghys. They are:- His sister, Maria Joanna Borghys who died in Ostend in 1975. She had been the wife of a Franciscus DeGroote. His brother, Emilius Aplphonsus Borghys who died in Knokke in 1981. He was a writer and had three children, one, a daughter Huguette Borghys is buried in Knokke. (179, Kalvekeetdijk, Knokke-Heist, Belgium.) Huguette was married to a Paul Stepman, now sadly deceased.

I have been unable to trace any relatives of Frans Buyssens as I am not sure where in Belgium he came from originally. I live in hope that someone reading this will be able to provide information that might yet lead to family members of the two boys who are still alive.

(If you have any useful information please reply to this post, tweet the project @cheshirewwi or e-mail the project at nicola.morris [at]